Harriston is a Malaysian homegrown brand established by a family of dedicated chocolate makers who owns Harriston Signature, Harriston Boutique and Harriston Artisan. Founded by S.C. Teng in 2005, a man who loves chocolate since he was a child and envisaged a world-famous chocolate emporium in Malaysia, Harriston is now hailed as one of the largest homegrown chocolate makers and retail chains with 5 flagship stores in strategic locations in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Pahang, having served more than 4 million customers from over 80 countries around the world.

Harriston offers a wide selection of chocolates with more than 150 variants ― all made from the finest cocoa beans based on time-honoured methods and innovative and proprietary recipes, some of which are uniquely Malaysian and can only be found exclusively at Harriston, like its durian and Tongkat Ali chocolates, the first in world.

Harriston envisions itself to be an international brand that promotes experiential education and the richness of Malaysian natural and cultural heritage through its creative chocolate products by capitalizing on the country’s position as one of the top chocolate exporters in the world and top tourist destinations in Asia.


Bringing The Magical Joy Of Chocolate To The World:
The Journey

January 2005

The Beginning

The first Cocoa Boutique outlet in Jalan Kamuning, off Jalan Imbi in Kuala Lumpur. With 10,000 sq ft in space, this boutique features a wide array of chocolates for retail, including a site for the growing of cocoa and other Malaysian fruit trees. A pioneer in the area, the district of Jalan Imbi soon became a well-known hub for chocolates.

June 2005

The Expansion

To leverage on the booming chocolate and tourism business in Malaysia, the company opened the second Cocoa Boutique outlet in Jalan Bagan Jermal, Penang. Within close proximity to the popular tourist spot Gurney Drive, this outlet attracts tourists by the loads and contributes significantly to the company’s sales performance.

January 2006

The Birth of Chocolate Gallery

Due to high demand, Chocolate Gallery was first opened at Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands, a popular destination in Malaysia for its cool weather, leisure and casino. Tour buses and visitors make stopovers before heading to / back the resort at the hilltop, ensuring high visitation to the gallery year on year.

April 2008

The Flagship Boutique

The flagship Cocoa Boutique opened at the Malaysian Tourist Information Centre (MATIC), located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. With 5,000sq ft of space, the boutique became a must-visit tourist destination and is in line with Tourism Malaysia’s efforts in promoting Malaysia’s local products. A mini chocolate processing unit was set up to enhance the visitor experience, providing an educational tour on cocoa’s history and the refined art of chocolate making for all visitors.

February 2009

The Chocolate Factory Outlet

Capitalising on the booming business, Chocolate Gallery expanded and opened its second outlet in the chocolate district of Jalan Inai, Kuala Lumpur. Located adjacent to the gallery is the warehouse facility, which provides for easy access and inventory of goods.

Year 2012

Manufacturing Plant Opening at Mah Sing Industrial Park

Inline with our 2012 business expansion plan, we opened our own manufacturing plant at Mah Sing Industrial Park.

June 2012

Masterchef Selebriti Malaysia 2012

A total of 16 celebrities from various fields are invited to compete in a seven-week cooking competition at our outlet in MATIC- Malaysia Tourism Centre to win money for their favorite charity organizations. The challenge theme for this episode is Chocolate and the celebrity contestant needs to make chocolate praline.

Year 2013

The Start of DIY Chocolate Workshop

With the maturity of staff trained, and an aim to offer creative experiences in the appreciation of chocolate craftsmanship, Harriston officially started conducting introductory DIY chocolate workshops.

Year 2016

Opening of First Harriston Cafe at Gohtong Jaya

May 2017

Opening of Harriston Signature Outlet at Shamelin Perkasa

A new outlet offering Chocolates, Cafe, Arts, Chocolate Workshops, Educational Tours and Souvenirs Shopping is opened. More than chocolate, we offer a Unique Malaysian Chocolate Experience.


A New Chapter:

The Birth of Harriston

To scale greater heights, Cocoa Boutique and Chocolate Gallery are now integrated into the Harriston Group and the stores rebranded as Harriston Signature and Harriston to reflect who we are today and our dynamic future. The new tagline ‘A Unique Malaysian Chocolate Experience’ captures the core spirit of our brand and charts a new course for our business.


Harriston envisions to be:

  1. An international brand that promotes experiential education through creative chocolate products;
  2. A torchbearer that hands down the richness of Malaysian natural and cultural heritage to the next generation;
  3. A pathfinder that brings the inspiring joy and magical love of chocolate to the world.


Harriston is the brainchild of S.C. Teng, a man who has loved chocolate since he was a child and envisioned a world-famous chocolate emporium in Malaysia. In 2005, armed with his vast working experience as an inbound tour guide since 1980s, Teng founded Chocolate Boutique and Chocolate Gallery, which are now collectively known as Harriston.

Teng is now ably assisted by his wife Choon Lan as well as his children, Queenie and Wei Tzyy, who are business graduates like their father and have also inherited his unwavering passion in chocolate making. Working with a team of dedicated professionals and resident chocolatiers, the family is devoted to bringing the magical joy of chocolates that is uniquely Malaysian to the world.


We promote environmental awareness and conservation, appreciation of local and international arts, cultural and natural heritage through our products and informative in-store tours.

As a caring corporate citizen, Harriston provides financial aids to underprivileged students, social welfare and supports orphanages with cash donations and chocolate products. Beneficial parties includes: Sabah Earthquake Relief Fund, East Coast Flood Victim, Fo Guang Shan Malaysia, Tsun Ji High School, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-anak Yatim dan Miskin Bahau, Penang Handicapped Welfare Association and Amitabha Centre.


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