Chocolate has a magical power that makes it a perfect gift for every special occasion.
Whether it is for celebrating birthdays or anniversaries, achieving goals, showing
appreciation, rejoicing at a new experience in life or just giving someone a sweet
surprise, you can find a chocolaty delight at Harriston to suit any moment.

Artisan Chocolates-
The Magic Gift Box

This collection is exquisite in both design and flavour. They are top-quality, hand-made chocolates crafted from the best ingredients and wrapped in elegant boxes with ribbons or beautiful thematic sleeves to impress the most discerning eyes and palates.

Celebration Gifts

A special occasion becomes even more special when you arrive with a box of Harriston chocolates in your hand. This selection of chocolates lets you express your love, joy and appreciation on special occasions like birthday, wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or achievement party.

Personalized Gifts

These unique personalized chocolates are one-of-a-kind. You can choose your own add-ins like herbs, nuts and fruit bits to be sprinkled on top of the chocolates. Every set of gift chocolate comes with a packaging and a gift card of your choice.

Corporate Gifts

With a gift, appreciation is expressed; respect conveyed and ties strengthened. At Harriston, we can customize our chocolate gifts to incorporate your company logo or brand identity for your business associates, employees and corporate events. These chocolates come complete with a message card and ribbon or belly band.

Hamper & Gift Box

A heart-melting gift in a basket! Artfully arranged and priced to please, each hamper is fully stocked with a wide variety of chocolate treats you can imagine to capture the heart of every receiver and the spirit of every festivity.

Golden Fortune

Revel in the glory of gold. Wrapped in golden wrappers, these chocolate bars are not only a heavenly indulgence but also an auspicious gift that symbolizes wealth and fortune. Available in single bars or in a basket complete with an auspicious wish tag.