At Harriston, we offer an extensive selection of chocolates―all made from the finest cocoa beans based on time-honoured methods and innovative recipes, some of which are uniquely Malaysian and can only be found here at our stores.

Come explore every nook and cranny of Harriston outlets―a gallery of chocolates with something to tempt the most discerning chocolate connoisseurs. Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind experience and savour every magical chocolaty moment!

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Discover the magic of chocolate making up-close! The purpose-built see-through production kitchen and kiosk enable visitors to feast their eyes on each process of chocolate production―from conching to tempering, moulding to packing, and even how delicious add-ins are put into your personalized chocolate bars! This facility not only enriches customers’ shopping experience but also raises the bar of hygiene standards in food preparation.


Specially created for adults and children above 3 years old, Harriston DIY Workshops are a fun introduction to the art of chocolate making packed with discovery, hands-on experience, and of course, tasting and bringing home your very own handmade chocolates.

Price:            RM35
Duration:     1 Hour
Location:     Harriston Signature Workshop

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Harriston Signature Cafe is a cozy nook in Harriston stores where you can tantalize your taste buds with the perfect fusion of coffee and chocolate. It offers a range of unique beverages like Nitro Coffee, a specially brewed cold coffee infused with nitrogen for a frothy and bubbly texture, 58% Dark Chocolate Drink made with luscious dark chocolate blocks and milk, and savoury salted caramel coffee as well as delicious desserts like muffins and durian ice cream. Every sip is extremely satisfying; every bite is simply heavenly.



On the 3rd November 2012, RTM 2 decides to visit our outlet at Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTic), Jalan Ampang. The episode highlights how to make chocolate and chocolate benefits for health. Below are a few behind the scenes photo of the shooting for the episode aired on the 09th of December 2012.


Celebrity Masterchef

A total of 16 celebrities from various fields are invited to compete in a seven-week cooking competition to win money for their favorite charity organizations. The challenge theme for this episode is Chocolate and the celebrity contestant needs to make chocolate praline.


Tentatively no upcoming events.