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Our Story

Harriston was inspired and started in 2005 by the chocolate loving entrepreneur Mr SC Teng who saw an opportunity in the market for a uniquely Malaysian chocolate company.

Working as a tour operator at the time, he realised that nearly all the chocolate sold in Malaysia was imported and designed for Western tastes with typical Western flavours.

He began to think about all the uniquely Malaysian flavours and imagined how they would taste mixed with chocolate. He was convinced there would be demand not only from Malaysians but also from tourists who wanted something uniquely Malaysian to take home with them.

His vision was a home-grown brand that Malaysians could connect with and be proud of so he began to work on recipes to infuse uniquely Malaysian flavours into chocolate.


In 2005 he opened two ‘Cocoa Boutique’ shops, one in Penang and one in Jalan Kamuning in Kuala Lumpur. Early the following year he opened 2 ‘Chocolate Galleries’ in Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands and Jalan Inai, Kuala Lumpur.

This fledgeling Malaysian chocolate business soon gained traction and in 2008, another ‘Cocoa Boutique’ opened on Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. The business continued to gain traction but ever the perfectionist, Mr Teng continued to look for ways to improve the quality and consistency necessary to realise his goal of a brand of which Malaysians would be proud.


The only way to do this was to establish his own world-class manufacturing plant and in 2012 construction began of a manufacturing facility on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With an eye on the future, Mr Teng saw the opening of the new facility as an opportunity to bring in the second generation of the Teng family to learn about the business.

As business continued to grow, and consolidation became necessary so in 2017, Mr Teng began the process of developing a strong brand name that was a reflection of the business personality while defining the business.

He sought inspiration for the future from the past. Growing up as a band boy, music played a big part in Mr Teng’s life and he was also inspired by George Harrison, the guitarist from the Beatles so he took the star’s name and added the T from his name to create the Harriston brand. Now all the business divisions and outlets became known as Harriston and a new brand identity was created.


Queenie and Wei Tzyy now manage the company exclusively and in 2018, the brand was extended further with the creation of Harriston Signature and Harriston boutique with Harriston Chocolatier added in 2019.

Today, everything we do at Harriston revolves around creating exquisite flavours for uniquely Malaysian chocolates that use only the best ingredients.

From those humble beginnings in 2005 and thanks to an uncompromising passion for excellence in everything we do, we’ve become Malaysia’s largest home grown chocolate retail chain and a premium international chocolate brand of which Malaysians are rightly proud.

Whether you prefer smooth as silk milk or luxurious dark chocolate, uniquely Malaysian Durian or Tongkat Ali infused chocolate, we have something for you. Proof, if it were needed that great taste and the finest ingredients will always be a recipe for success.